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Western Union

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Repositioning a global brand at retail

“Not only did the volume in our store in Times Square increase, but we leveraged Grafico’s creativity to develop a new retail signage and merchandising program that touched thousands of Agent locations.” —Wendi


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Making a difference at the height of a pandemic

“I never claimed to be a marketer, but it’s nice to work with a team that is willing to help me understand it better. Grafico is a patient, accommodating partner. They took the seeds of our expertise and created something we couldn’t have imagined. And they did so with grace in the middle of a scary pandemic.” —David

VETO Pro Pac

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Extraordinary design talent that’s “in the bag”

“Every time we give Grafico a new challenge, they come through. Our line of tool bags is best in class and we feel the same way about team Grafico. It’s a real advantage to have a resource that helps us solve tough problems.” —Jim


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Grafico goes with the FLOW

“We thought we were headed in the right direction until we met Grafico. They took our brand to a level we couldn’t have achieved on our own. The name, logo, and every square inch of the store was re-imagined. Thank goodness we found them.” —Eli


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The right partner is everything

"When you’re launching a prepaid program to millions of people, you can’t take chances. Grafico not only knows marketing, design, compliance, and production better than anyone I know, their attention to detail and high level of service makes them the perfect partner.” —Jeff


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Do as the Romans do

“Grafico ci ha aiutato a rendere la nostra brand experience qualcosa di speciale. Ci hanno aiutato a capire che entrare in contatto con i tuoi clienti va ben oltre vendere pizza come merce. La giusta miscela di cucina, ambiente e una storia con cui le persone possono connettersi è ciò che crea lealtà.” —Maurizio

TRANSLATION: "Grafico helped us make our brand experience something special. They helped us realize that connecting with your customers goes way beyond selling pizza as a commodity. The right mix of cuisine, environment and a brand story people can connect with is what creates loyalty."

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